"I've only used the Refreshing mist in the BUUYA range and my hair is totally loving it. My daughters (7 and 10yrs) love it as well as im trying the transitioning process with them. I love the fact that shrinkage is so so so limited when using the mist. And the fact that my hair stays soft and so not "Crispy" yes it doesn't go all NikNaks on me *hides*. I definitely intend using the rest of the products for myself and my girls. Thank you for sharing your heart with us, as this natural journey goes way beyond only healthy hair for myself and my girls. "
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Ms. Jacobs
"I won a bottle of the moisture mist at an event and it is divine! Defined, soft, and tangle free curls with a warm natural scent that is nothing short of heavenly. Buuya for the win!"
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Annamarie Martin
"I've recently purchased the Buuya cleanser, conditioner and spray. My hair is loving it!! The cleanser is so gentle, makes my hair beautifully soft. The conditioner assists so much with detangling and feeds my hair. My hair just feels moisturized and hydrated after every wash. I love the refreshing spray. It's especially useful between washes when my curls need some refreshing. It gives my hair life. I love that the product is local and so affordable as well. A little truly goes a long way. Thank you Kasuba for a beautiful product. You have a customer for life."
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Melissa Amos
"This product is the bomb! It has become my go-to for these harsh winter days and my skin is saying "thank you Jesus" for this skin saver. I will definitely be coming back for more. Plus it's soft enough to rub all over your body. Hair and body butter to the rescue."
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Hilary Gordon
"In terms of feedback on your service and products, GREAT! No complaints at all. Speedy delivery and of course my husband is a huge fan of the Moisture Mist. I'm very excited to try the shampoo and I've been in love with your herb infused oil since day 1 so again, no complaints!"
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Marion Hermanus
"Hi Kasuba I’m loving the Buuya products thus far…I will have to take up the 10% offer very soon. The only issue I have is with the cleansing milk…its thick which I LOVE but getting it out is a nightmare especially in the shower when everything is wet…maybe having a pump on the bottle in future would be awesome, but the product itself is great...Keep up the magic!"
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Nadia Adams
"Thank you Kasuba. I'm really impressed with your service and product."
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Priscilla Wilcox
"Wash day today! Leaving on my Buuya hair masque, will be air-drying my hair and will use the herb infused oil to do protective twists a bit later. My hair has just been soaking up every drop of moisture from these products."
Monique Mortlock
"Loving the products I've purchased DIY box and herb infused oil. Sample of the refreshing moisture mist is amazing... smells so good!!! Can't wait to try out the shampoo."
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Kelly Wathen
"Loving my Buuya purchase - shea butter which is so creamy and rich (my hair loves it) and my delicious smelling refreshing moisture mist. Definitely a good buy and worth the money (which I must say, the price is not bad at all). To all the ladies and gents out there....invest in Buuya!!! Good quality products with amazing and friendly service. I will definitely be back soon simply to deal with the sweetest person Kasuba!!! Thanks for these products which makes the life of a natural so much more easier with your lovely range!!! xoxo"
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Edward Boswell
"As written in red My Fro loves the Buuya Mist! It is a time saver for me and my Bodacious Bush looks and feels Amazing! So yeah, I have type 3C and Winter watch out I am Misting you Away"
Tasha Brown
"I do like the BUUYA mist for the get up and go days, I just spray that on and put coconut oil over and off I go. My hair overall is dull, but at least the spray makes my hair soft. The butter is also liked by my hair, my hair is so thirst that it just soaks it all that goodness. Thank you for your love of hair that I get to experience. Keep up the great work "
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Janine Forbes
"I'm enjoying the products especially the hair mask,my hair feels more mosturised and smells Devine. The shea butter makes my skin feel so soft."
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Chesne Esau