Diary of a Serial Big Chopper

My cousin used to call me Peter Tosh. I know he meant well but for many years, I believed my hair would never amount to anything more than a head of unmanageable, unsightly kinks.

Since I can remember, I relaxed my hair religiously every 4-6 weeks. I even learned to do it myself; if it wasn’t burning, it wasn’t straight enough–a story many black women are familiar with.

Buuya kasuba

In 2010, I cut off all my hair because I got tired of the constant relaxers. 6 months later, I relaxed it again and it was a disaster, I had to cut it again. This was a turning point for me–I began to research natural hair and I discovered a whole new world of hair care; one that was the complete opposite of what I had known all my life until that point.

I became a DIY queen, making my own products and seeing my hair flourish as a result. Before long, I was selling hair products to friends and family and that is when the Buuya seed was planted.

It would only be two years later that my dream would truly be recognised. After growing my hair for a year and a half, I felt I needed a length check. I went to a trusted (or so I thought) hair salon and the stylist burnt my hair so badly, I had to cut it again.

This got me down quite badly. All I wanted was a healthy head of hair and to prove that my hair was better than some forgotten back-up reggae singer.

Soon after, I got frustrated with my tapered cut so, yes, I cut my hair again. This time really short. I became insecure about what people would think of someone with barely any hair trying to sell them healthy hair products.

It was at this very point that I realised I needed to stop seeking validation from the outside–me, as I am, no matter what that may be, I am enough!

Only once I got to this point, was I able to create Buuya–a natural hair care brand that embodies African beauty in it’s most natural form.